The Lake Travis Powerboat Association was established in 1991. Commonly referred to as the LTPA. The LTPA is a membership driven association with the ultimate goal of the promoting boater’s Safety and Fun on Lake Travis. While hosting safety and boating events on Lake Travis, we also help promote the preservation of this body of water we have all come to love!


The founding fathers of the LTPA originally used their events to also raise money for local children’s charities. This has become the staple of the LTPA. Although it is rare for a 501(c)3 to raise money for other charities. The LTPA has taken pride in not only helping local boaters, but also in its philanthropy. At each event we host, the LTPA’s board would select a local Children’s Charity to support. This support would venture to raising money or helping full fill a request/wish. As time went on, supporting local children’s charities became one of our principal objectives.


In 2017, a new board was handed the reigns of the LTPA. With the new board members at the helm of the ship, we have not only continued in the paths of the previous boards but have also started new traditions. The new board started the first annual Lone Star Thunder Run.


The Lone Star Thunder Run has become a great staple to the LTPA. This event brings boaters from far and wide to come experience our wonder full lake. This run goes nearly 60 miles and allows boaters to see the diverse sceneries of this beautiful lake. With this event, we have also teamed up with Make-A-Wish to encourage donations to a local children’s charity.


Using the Lone Star Thunder Run as an event to encourage people to raise money for Make-A-Wish. Just in these past three years, the LTPA has helped raise more than $120,000 for Make-A-Wish alone! We hope to continue this great tradition with the help and support of local boaters like yourself!


The LTPA is continuing to grow! Each year we host an average of 7 events. These events range from dinner parties, to raft off gatherings, safety meetings, and the always run poker runs!